We are glad to welcome you in the World of malediction. Hailing from Laon in Northen France, four musicians, Sylvain, François, Olivier and Nicolas founded a group in September 1997, wich they called "MALEDICTION".

Sarting off with a repertoire made of cover versions of MEGADETH, JUDAS PRIEST ans also IRON MAIDEN standards, they sooon concentrated on writing their own material in a typical heavy metal idiom, yet sung in French.

In May 1999, François left the band to join Yyrkoon. Mathieu was his temporary replacement for a couple of gigs, an experience which persuaded him to permanently join MALEDICTION.

In November, the foursome recorded in a hurry (a two days session) their first demo tape, consisting of five original compositions in order to introduce themselves and to have access to the specialized labels. Following an enthousiasmic welcome by the music press, they decided to commercialize the recording by way of the underground and independant retailers of French heavy metal.

The first démo 5 tracks

Knit together as they had never been before, yet fully conscious of the harshness of the French market, MALEDICTION embarked on the production of their first real album, called "Condamné" in January 2001. The record features the five original tracks, in completely reshuffled and newly recorded versions, augmented by three superb new songs.

"Condamnés", in the lineage of the art of BLASPHEME, SORTILEGE or other ADX, has just been released in June 2001 on the BENNUS label, distributed by MUSEA.


October 16th 2001 : MALEDICTION opens for SAXON at the famous Elysée Montmartre (Paris), a sold out event. That night the band really got noticed by the Metal scene (fans and medias), mainly due to the energy and intensity coming out from their show. This live appearance is a turning point for MALEDICTION (and gonna remains a wonderful memory for the whole band!).

December 11th 2001: MALEDICTION keeps going on and plays at the Laiterie (Strasbourg) with EDGUY (+ HEAVENLY)

March 21st 2002 Press : MALEDICTION was featured in the poll from Hard Rock Magazine in the hopeful band category as sixth (every nationality included).

Sales (first trimester 2002): "Condamnés" is listed among the best 20 sales from the huge Holy Records mail order.

March 30th 2002 : MALEDICTION headlines the second Metal night in Resson sur Matz (60).

The "Coups De Metal 2002" tour which was originally scheduled for the first half of May 2002 and should have invaded the major French Metal towns was cancelled and will hopefully take place at the end of this year. This tour features MALEDICTION, NIGHTMARE and HEAVENLY.

May 1st 2002 : first t-shirt "Malediction" released.

May 31st 2002 : show at Charlieu (42) with REVENGE.

June 1st 2002 : festival appearance at the "Beast in Bresse" in Attignat (01) with KILLERS

June 8th 2002 : festival apperance at the "La Rotonde d'Hirson" in Hirson (02) with WITHIN TEMPTATION, NINA HAGEN + BAND and VANDEN PLAS.

August 31th 2002 : show at Eloyes with DYSLESIA, BREAKPOINT and CHRYSALIS

September 21th 2002 : festival appearance at the "Paris Metal Kings" at Ris Orangis ("Le Plan") with KILLERS, NO RETURN, GRONIBARD and KOROBOREE.

September 28th 2002 : show at Tours ("la Pléiade") with MANIGANCE and FREEDOM CALL

November 1st 2002 : festival at Vouziers (Ardennes, near Belgium) with NIGHTMARE, KILLERS, FYFTY ONE and ICE CAKE

Following this last show, MALEDICTION begin to work on the next album and decide to not play any other shows to be able to concentrate fully on the new material. The only gig appearances for 2003 were at the Keep It True festival in Oberlauda, July 19th (German festival which happened to be the band's first live experience outside France) and in Resson sur Matz, September 22nd. We build our own studio ("Malediction Studio") and use it to record the guitar, vocals and arrangements parts for the successor of "Condamnés". This same year will also mark Nicolas Mollard's departure just before the recording of "Esclave Du Vice" started, replaced by Franck Légé on drums. Franck supported the band since the beginning and was close to the band members.

August 22nd 2003: Sign with N.T.S. (Wagram distribution) for the new album.

"Esclave du vice" is released on January 26th 2004 (official release date) everywhere on the French territory and in Europe.

"Esclave du vice"

From this point starts the album promotion : promotional week ends in Paris, photo sessions (link) and a French tour in February 2004. This tour- starts February 11st til February 21st- takes place in some of the best halls in France and even stops for one date in Belgium:
12/02: Lyon, Rail Théatre
13/02: Montpellier, Rockstore
14/02: St Armou (near Pau), Salle polyvalente
15/02: Bordeaux, C.A.T.
17/02: Paris, l' Elysée Montmartre
18/02 : Strasbourg, Laiterie
19/02: Verviers (in Belgium), Spirit of 66
20/02: Notre Dame Doe (near Tours), l'Oésia
21/02: Lorient, Manège

This tour is a total success, an average of 200/ 250 people showing up for each date. Despite some minor health problems for Sylvain (which eventually led the band to cancel the first date- Nancy- unfortunately). Every date on this tour has given us the chance to expose our music and our energy on stage. A big hello goes out to the members of MANIGANCE and ADAGIO.

A new t-shirt "Esclave du vice Tour 2004" was made for this tour.

From now, MALEDICTION are gonna spend 2004 to promote as heavily as they can their new album on stage in France and in foreign countries. A month and a half after its initial release, we can safety say that it was extremely very well received by the international press and especially by the public. We'll go on in that way.


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